Our club in a few words


The club was founded in November 1996 by seven MX-5 owners.


“A Different Kind of Club”

The MX-5 Club Cologne is nothing more than a vehicle whereby all those interested in this Mazda roadster can have a friendly get-together to plan and organise day-trips, rallies etc. By doing so they share their pleasure in the MX-5 with others rather than enjoying it only as individuals. To quote one club member, “We got to know each other as friendly owners of MX-5’s but today we are friends who by chance own and drive the same type of sports car.”


The annual subscription, 12 Euro, paid in advance, is simply to offset running costs. New members are required to pay an additional 10 Euro  registration fee.


The club reports about tours, events and activities. Naturally any new info pertaining to the MX-5 is also be included. Primarily the exchange takes place during the club meetings and through the different WhatsApp channels.


Have a look at „Aktuelles“. There you will find the date of the following meeting. If you’re interested in getting more informtion – please contact us via Email.

We want our meetings to be happy relaxed occasions and with this in mind no-one should feel compelled to attend unless they really wish to.


This club consists of people from all walks of life who simply enjoy MX-5 roadsters and our club activities which are centred around them. Neither age, sex or profession play any part here.

But…a requirement is being an Owner and Driver of an MX5 !


It is our policy to keep things as simple as possible but a certain amount of basic structure is necessary in order to supply our members with current information. To this end a number of members take it upon themselves to organise and co-ordinate the tours, rallies and any other activities e.g. reports etc. via the internet.


Nothing could be simpler! You must own an MX-5 then all you have to do is contact the committee per email using the heading “Contact” and give your address, telephone number (land-line or mobile) and some details about your MX-5. Alternatively you can simply come along to one of our meetings. Finally all you need to do is transfer 22 Euro (12 + 10 registration fee) to the club account and YOU’RE IN !